MSS3 - Muddy Shine
Lets Get Muddy!

Beth, Jess & Natalie head down to the River to have a play in the mud, as ever they are dressed in some very interesting outfits! Jess is in a pair of Purple Spandex Leggings & a Blue Swimsuit, Natalie in some Silver Leggings & a Wetlook Gold Thong Swimsuit & Beth in a Red Thong Leotard over some Wetlook Vinyl Spandex Leggings...

We follow them as they walk down, trying not to get caught by the neighbours as they head to the private 'beach' They soon get onto the mud & can't wait to get messy! Beth & Natalie run out into the mudy & Natalie tries to wrestle Beth to the ground, they both end up in the mud & start throwing it at each other. Jess up until this point is still clean, so Natalie & Beth change that by throwing a load of mud at her too!  Jess fights back throwing mud at the others before she is pulled closer & gets some nice hand prints on her Swimsuit. By this point Natalie & Beth's spandex is getting very muddy! Natalie gets mud put down her boobs & Beth is pushed over & lands flat on her front.
They have lots of fun in the mud & come to show the camera how muddy they got before we follow them walk up the lane back to the cottage to get clean. The chat candidly about how fun it was & how the spandex feels all tight & muddy against their skin. Once back at the cottage we leave them to clean up in the bath... That was a right mess after they finished!

The 2nd Scene in this video features Anna going down to the Muddy beach on her own, dressed in some Black Wetlook Leggings & a Gold Wetlook Thong Swimsuit, we follow her walking down to the beach & posing but she isn't too happy when she spots us filming her &  falls in the mud.  Its very very cold & windy & her nipples are poking through the swimsuit as we watch her slip slide about in the mud dressed in the tight & not so shiny spandex.  She leaves the beach & we follow her back to watch her shower all the mud off & return the spandex & swimsuit back to its shiny self...

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