MSS7 - Tammie & Jess Swimsuits & Baby Oil
We join the Girls at a swanky house where they are looking forward to getting very wet, messy & oily in a nice wetroom we found! Dressed in Shiny Spandex leggings to begin with they chat about what they are hoping to get upto before leading us to the wetroom & stripping out of their Spandex & Tops to reveal 2 very Sexy Black Swimsuits. Tammie is wearing a Black Speedo Hydrasuit & Jess is wearing a Black Nike Swimsuit.

They start off feeling each others swimsuits in the dry, teasing each other & playing with their nipples & pussies through the suits, but its not long before Tammie grabs the oil & pours it all over Jess's bum to show off how wet the suits will look. She pours it over her pussy & makes it all very wet, before turning her round & making sure her tits are all wet too. Its then Jess's turn to make sure Tammie is covered in Oil too. Rather than pouring the oil though Jess decides to Squirt all over Tammie, covering the suit from top to bottom! They then have a oil fight squirting each other & getting even wetter.

Now both covered in oil they rub each others bodies together, to feel each others warmth & to tease each other, rubbing their bums together & then Tammie sits on Jess & slides up & down her chest.  Getting hornier & hornier as they rub, they start to get out their boobs, Tammie releasing Jess's first & enjoying playing with her naked skin, whilst still wearing the swimsuits.  They lick & tease each others tits, before pulling the swimsuits to one side to lick each other out... They then find a couple of Dildos & Tammie wastes no time filling her hole whilst Jess plays with her clit. Tammie then finds a small vibrator & teases Jess through her suit, before pulling it to one side to access her slit. Enjoy as she makes Jess cum with the vibe, then watch them show off their Oil covered Swimsuits & then later their oil covered bodies as they strip naked to finish. 

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