Shinyvideos 18 - Nati in Spandex HD

We welcome Nati back to Shiny Videos with her first HD Spandex Video. This video is split into 2 sections, both having unique features.

Part 1

Nati goes to the Park to exercise, we film Nati running in a pair of Shiny Silver Spandex Shorts & Spandex Purple Crop Top. As she runs we follow her, you get to enjoy the tight Spandex from the front & behind, including Nati Jumping off the log & just generally enjoying herself in the Public Park.

We then move on to the running track where she does more stretches before doing a practise bleep test (no bleep but thats why it was a practice!) In Blue Spandex Leggings & a Speedo Crop Top. Enjoy the very shiny leggings & Nati's wonderful body.

We also filmed her at the train station just before she went out for the night, what a sight... Very very tight Spandex Disco Jeans... She was watched the whole time that night I'm told....

Part II

At Shinyvideos we get alsorts of Shiny Outfits reccomended to us & a company in America contacted us about featuring their Vinyl Spandex Leggings & Catsuits. We just had to buy a set & get Nati to show them off.

So Nati starts with a pair of Wetlook Vinyl Spandex Leggings, these were so Ultra Tight it took 3 of us to get Nati into them. She starts lying on a sofa before showing off how sexy she looks in them & how tight they are, bending over, reaching up & just generally being Nati...

The second scene is a bit more lively, Nati is dressed in a Baby Blue Vinyl Spandex Catsuit & she enjoys playing with some Balloons. She has a bed full of balloons which she enjoys trying to pop by squeezing them between her legs & the catsuit, jumping ontop of them, sitting on them & alsorts, If you like girls having fun in Spandex then this video is very fun! Unique I'm sure.

There is also a Bonus scene of Nati putting on some Black Pantyhose.

The Total Video Length is about 1hr Long & is a split into 2x 1Gb Divx Video Files.

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