SV25 - Anna in Spandex HD
Meet Anna! The latest Sexy Spandex Girl at She loves doing naughty & interesting things so we thought we'd get her down to our Cottage & Put her through some moves!

In this video she wears 3 interesting spandex outfits, incuding 2 leotards and a catsuit. We also get to see her all wet in the Swimming Pool!

Onto the First Scene.. Anna is dressed in a Shiny Blue Wetlook leotard with Danskin Ultra Shimmery Pantyhose. We get her to follow a work out on the TV & we film her every move! Closeup shots from below, infront & behind, watch how the leotard & tights shine & her pert bum moves to the music. She even treats us to some bending over exercises so we can stare at her spandex & pantyhose covered bum. After a while she gets tired & lies down on the sofa, she runs her fingers up & down the pantyhose & tells you how they feel, rubbing them against the leather sofa which makes a great sound! At the end of the scene she gets up & teases us with even more bending over & pantyhose touching before saying bye bye.

We move into the swimming pool area for the next scene, Anna appears wearing a Red Spandex Thong Leotard & a pair of dark pantyhose. Its a bit cold in there so her nipples start poking right through the leotard, when she turns round her pantyhose covered bum is also poking out between the thong of the leo.  She slips into the pool, slowly getting her pantyhose & bottom of the leotard all wet...  We've asked her to do her aerobics in the pool (she was getting a bit hot in the living room!) so she can be cool whilst she exercises... As she lowers herself below the water to do the first repition the leotard is covered with water & the spandex goes near-see-thru & gets a fantastic shine. We can also see the outline of her boobs now rather than just the nipples :-) The camera gets some great High Definition close up shots of the wet leotard in motion. After a few minutes she gets out of the pool to continue her exercises out of the pool, with her soaking wet leotard & pantyhose. Her boobs clearly visible bouncing in the leotard.  She returns to the water to get wet again before emerging giving us a fantastic shot of her wet pantyhose'd thong covered bum.. She finishes on the side & tells us she's off to put on a catsuit...

Returning in a Blue Long Sleeved catsuit, she looks gorgeous, tight in all the right places & a striking shiny blue colour. She jumps straight in the pool this time sending the catsuit dark blue & shiny, those nipples seem to make an appearance once again :-) Straight into her exercises bouncing up & down, the spandex clinging to her body showing a fantastic cameltoe when she emerges from the pool to do some on the side. Standing with her legs together the cameltoe is very pronounced, wet & juicy! She gets a bit cold once out of the pool so she jumps on the spot & shows us how great she looks in the wet catsuit before leaving to change.

There is also a small bonus scene featuring Anna in a multicoloured swimsuit in her bedroom, enjoy how innocent she looks in this suit & how tight it fits her sexy body.

The Video is 30mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is 1x 1Gb AVI File.

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Enjoy the pictures of the Spandex below!:
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