SV43 - More Jess... Outdoors in More Swimsuits
We welcome Jess back to the Shinyvideos Cottage for her 2nd Swimsuit Video... Shot 100% outdoors, Gorgeous Jess shows us how sexy she looks in Wetlook, Arena, Asics & Speedo Swimsuits... All in the Summer Sun & most include a dip in the Outdoor Hot Tub...

Jess starts off in a extremely tight fitting Blue Wetlook Swimsuit, she knows you guys love wetlook swimsuits, adn she looks fantastic in this one... Her boobs poke through the front of the suit & her bum looks good enough to eat in the tight swimsuit. We follow her as she takes a walk into the garden, climbing on the fence to show off that great bum before heading back to the patio & pushing her boobs together in the suit & making her nipples poke through even more. The sunlight really shines off the Wetlook material & Jess just loves teasing....

In the next Scene Jess is wearing a Black Arena Swimsuit from Japan, starting on the floor out in the garden she makes sure you can see every inch of this great looking swimsuit. The cut out sides really enhance her figure, the thin material show off her nipples nicely & when she pulls up the swimsuit there is a brief hint of cameltoe... We follow her back up towards the hot tub, enjoying the view of her bum from behind, but the best is still to come...  Wanna see Jess Get the Swimsuit Wet in the Hot Tub??  See The Swimsuit get Wet & Glossy, It clings to her body & she knows how good she looks... This is the ultimate Swimsuit Lover's Scene... Sexy Jess, Special Swimsuit, Outdoors in the Sunlight & the Hot Tub...

We like to feature something different here at Shinyvideos, so we found a interesting Lilac Vintage Speedo Swimsuit, from the front it looks very tight but with 2 pockets at the top for boobs.... From behind it has a very low back. Jess fills it beautifully & we just love her in it. She tells us all about the suit before posing for us on the Patio, bending over the chair & wiggling her sexy bum at us. We follow her down the garden from behind as she goes to have a sun bathe on the grass, showing off the front of the swimsuit. We then follow her upto the cottage, where she gets into the hot tub.... Which suddenly changes the colour of the suit... including making it semi - see - thru... Wet swimsuits at its best!

For the 4th Scene Jess wears a very sexy plain Black Swimsuit, A high T-Back & Shiny Spandex material it shines in the sun as she plays in the garden. Finding a Hose Pipe & Paddling pool, she can't help but play with the water! Spraying the hose pipe all over the garden, she shivers as the cold water hits her body & swimsuit... After getting a bit cold & wet with the hose pipe she goes back upto the cottage & enjoys submerging herself in the hot water in the hot tub.. Watch as the Swimsuit gets all wet & shines in the sun, Jess's nipples poke through the swimsuit & her bum looks great as the water runs off the wet swimsuit.

For the final scene Jess puts on an extremely small White Asics Swimsuit, the ultimate in Japanese swimsuits, is made from a very thin & soft material which just clings to Jess's skin. The scene starts with Jess enjoying a rest on the floor, we get to enjoy Jess's body encased in the white Swimsuit, including a great shot of a Cameltoe :-) She again plays with the hose pipe, teasing us by getting the swimsuit slightly wet. She then takes us for a tour of the garden & we follow her from behind enjoying the view of her peachy swimsuit covered bum. Leaning over the wooden fence, we'd love just to take hold of her & feel that bum from behind... She then walks back upto the hot tub, where she plays & teases us in the warm water. As soon as she gets in the swimsuit turns see-thru, which means we get a great view of her boobs through the suit & with the suit having no lining other treasures are on show too!

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is 2x1Gb AVI Files.

I strongly reccomend using Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser and Please Check your PC meets the Minimum Requirements to Play High Definition Divx Video Files to Avoid Dissapointment:

Enjoy the pictures of the Swimsuits below! (Click for Larger Pic):
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