SV47 - Jess in Leggings
Whilst Jess was stopping with us filming her latest swimsuit videos we thought we'd get her out & about in some very Tight very Shiny Spandex Leggings. Rather than film everything in the comfort of the cottage we thought we'd head out into the local town & have some fun winding up the local men!

In the first scene Jess is wearing a pair of Black Spandex Leggings with a Red Spandex Crop Top. We film her walking past the local football stadium and along the road to the petrol station to get a drink. As she walks along the road she gets lots of attention! Shiny Legs on Show is not normal round these parts! We follow her covertly into the Petrol Station, filming her cute bum from behind, with people buying petrol all round her! She then comes out of the petrol station & continues to walk along the road, cars & lorries beep their horn at her, all the Time she is really enjoying all the attention! We follow from behind & from infront to ensure you get to see the best angles of this Unique Public Spandex Video.

In the next scene we go out in the car to find somewhere interesting to film, but unfortunately Jess's car breaks down on a country road. So she has to call her friend to see if he can talk her through fixing the car. The video is filmed initially from the other side of the road as we watch her try to find out what is wrong with the car. We get a great shot of her Shiny Pink Leggings as she bends over the bonnet & later in the scene we enjoy her sexy bum as she walks backwards & forwards as she phones for help. Shiny High Heels, Spandex Leggings, A small top & Belt all make this a great summer outfit!

We go back to the Summer Cottage for the 3rd scene where Jess is dressed in a pair of Lilac Spandex Leggings with some Sexy High Heels & Shiny Wetlook Boob Tube. Playing a role play of an Estate Agent, she gives a Guided Tour of the cottage & Gardens, showing us all the rooms, dressed very innapropriately for the job, as when she bends down to demonstrate the cooker the leggings only just cover her bum. Her boob tube is very thin so her Nipples are poking through the material most of the time :-)

The final scene is shot outdoors with Jess wearing Silver Leggings, a Pink Spandex Top & some Very Shiny High Stripper Heels. She chats to us about her day & what she is wearing, twirling for us & giving us a few great shots of how shiny the Spandex is in the Sun. She knows how you guys love to see her walking in the Spandex Leggings & Heels, so gets her Dog from inside the cottage & talks the dog for a walk. She is trying to train her, so it gave us a great excuse to watch her walking backwards & forwards in Shiny Spandex Leggings :-)

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is 4x 500Mb AVI Files.

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    Please Check your PC meets the Minimum Requirements to Play High Definition Divx Video Files to Avoid Dissapointment:

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