SV51 - Natalie Followed in Leggings

We love working with the girls at Shinyvideos & enjoy putting the girls in various scenarios during our videos & this month we are releasing a collection of scenes we shot with Natalie where she is followed by a 'bit of a perv' who is very interested in Natalie's Shiny Spandex Leggings.

There are 5 scenes in this Video release & they all follow a very similar scenario:

Natalie is wearing some very tight & shiny fitting leggings out in public as she goes about her daily business. She is spotted by 'Mr Perv' and he follows her close behind so that he can enjoy her tight shiny bottom. Natalie keeps spotting him & gets rather annoyed to start off with, shouting & swearing at him, telling him to go away. But her doesn't get the message! He keeps coming back & gets really close to her shiny bum with his camera... Enjoy the extra close up footage of Natalie's sexy Shiny Bum before she shouts out loud for 'Mr Perv' to f**k off... Natalie tries to find out what he wants by even flashing her naked butt at him... But he doesn't give up...

Natalie wears a pair of Green, Light Green, Maroon, Silver & Brown Leggings in these scenes whilst she is out in the park, Walking round the Cricket Club, Country Walk, Private Drive & Walking to the Shop

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is split into 5x 200-600Mb AVI Files.

I strongly reccomend using Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser and Please Check your PC meets the Minimum Requirements to Play High Definition Divx Video Files

Enjoy the pictures of the Spandex Below (Click for a Larger Pic:)

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