SV65 - Danielle Ashlea Maye & Tina Young Swimsuit Lovers
We welcome Danielle Ashlea Maye & Tina to Shinyvideos for their first Swimsuit Video release. We join them at home as they try out some very sexy Swimsuits, getting turned on more & more as they enjoy each other in swimsuits.

Danielle & Tina introduce themselves wearing a pair of very sexy swimsuits, Danielle in a Black & Orange Yingfa which looks very much like an Aquablade with Stripes down the front & Tina in a Multi-coloured Maru. They are wanting to show off how great the swimsuits look, touching & feeling each other. They make sure you can see the front of the suits which cover their boobs & crotch before turning to show off their butts, asking whether their bums look big in the swimsuit, caressing & touching each others bums, adjusting the suits, making sure they don't get a wedgie! There is lots of strap flicking & plenty of girl on girl swimsuit contact!

The girls return in the next scene with Tina wearing a Black Adidas with White Stripes & Danielle in a very tight fitting Blue/Orange Speedo Hydrasuit. The suit covers up her large boobs great & Tina can't wait to grab hold of them! Tina looks very sexy in her Black suit & Danielle can't wait to put her hands inside her suit to have a fondle of her swimsuit encased boobs. They lie down on the sofa face down & Tina unzips Danielle's Hydrasuit, playing with the zip & putting her hands inside her Swimsuit. They then turn over & sit together feeling each other in swimsuits, touching each other's crotch & playing with each others swimsuits.

Its then time for the girls to swap, Danielle in a slightly different Black Adidas Swimsuit & Tina in a Black Speedo Hydrasuit. They continue to enjoy each other's bodies in Swimsuit, continuing to feel each other up, you can see they are thoroughly enjoying the experience, showing off each swimsuit, bending over to show off the butt, cuddling & much more. The highneck line of the Hydrasuit looking fantastic on Tina, lying together on the sofa, slowly sliding hands inside each others swimsuits to feel the jewels below.

For the next scene Tina is in a Very Tight & Shiny Rare Wetlook Mizuno s2000 Swimsuit & Danielle has slipped into a Green Maru, Danielle is really impressed with how the s2000 looks & can't wait to feel up Tina. Tina sits on the sofa with her bum facing Danielle, she can't help but play with her cheeks, which are so tighly encased in Shiny Swimsuit. They are really turning each other on, playing with each other through the swimsuit... Tina even licking Danielle's nipples through the swimsuit! There is lots more touching & feeling in this scene.... enjoy the great shots all of the swimsuits!

Next up Danielle is wearing a very sheer White Swimsuit & Tina is in a Wetlook Silver OPS, Its not long before Tina makes Danielle's Swimsuit slightly more see-thru by licking her nipples through the suit! They stand & cuddle, rubbing the swimsuits together before Tina drops back to the sofa & Danielle climbs ontop, feeling & sliding over Tina's suit. Tina then pushes forward and starts licking Danielle's pussy through her white suit! Leaving a few wet marks all over the suit! including one on her bum! Danielle then climbs aboard Tina & Tina certainly knows how to make a girl horny... Playing with her pussy & Butt through the Swimsuit just infront of our camera! These girls are hott!

For the final scene Danielle is dressed in a Classic Gold Speedo Swimsuit & Tina is wearing a very sexy Black Speedo Aquablade. Tina soon grabs hold of the front of the Gold suit to show off Danielle's cleavage. There is lots of cuddling & hugs, sliding about next to each others swimsuits, feeling each others boobs, lying down together  licking each others boobs, an amazing soft lesbian swimsuit scene. Watch as they slowly build up to a very sensual Swimsuit Kiss, kissing & cuddling before lying down together to rub their swimsuit covered pussies together, in a V Shape. They take turns to sit on top of each other, then lie down together, putting each others hands inside the swimsuits, kiss & show off each their bums to each other. They finish cuddling together, finishing off a great Swimsuit Lovers Scene.

The Video is 1hr 10mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is split into 3 AVI Files.

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