SV67 - Axa & Jess Adidas Full Body Catsuits
Axa is enjoying a rest wearing a Blue with Yellow Stripe Adidas Full Body Catsuit, lying out on our sofa, feeling & touching the Spandex against her boobs & Pussy. Jess walks in on Axa, (also wearing a Full Body) finds her playing with herself through the catsuit, she asks what she's doing... Axa is enjoying the Spandex, so Suggests Jess joins in & she starts to tweak Axa's nipples & play with her Spandex Encased body, running her hand all over, down to her pussy & more...  Jess climbs ontop of Axa to lick her boobs & Axa rubs her foot over Jess's pounding pussy. Jess shows off her Cameltoe to Axa & suggests they stand up & have a competition to show off the best cameltoe, which Jess wins! They then also make wedgies with the suits, pulling the spandex up between their cracks, making sure it show's off their peachy butts. They play with each other's Pussy Cameltoe & Butts until they are really horny... They get some water & make their pussies even wetter, giving each other oral sex through the spandex, before making each other cum in turn, each in their Adidas Full Body Spandex Catsuits!

The Video is 30mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is split into a 1Gb AVI File.

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